An agent of transformation in the cosmic soup where mysticism and science collide and coexists. I'm passionate about holistic nutrition, wellness, healing, meditation, Yoga, metaphysical spirituality, and all things related. I'd call myself a teacher and a coach, but I'm also a human being, Yogini, athlete, foodie, health nut, life long learner, cosmic, & eternal. My real gifts reside in helping people come to energetic balance with their physical state to be in alignment with their soul's desire for full expression. This is where having energy for living can be our greatest spiritual expression. 

Most days you will find me living an active lifestyle. I like hanging out with my husband, traveling, hiking with my dog, reading, gym workouts, Yoga, and tending to my organic vegetable garden. Yet what most people would never guess about me is that I am breaking all the expectations of Western medicine. I wasn't expected to live past the age of 30--but I'm 19 years past that now. Yet, I struggled to find wellness most of my life. It was illusive for me since birth, being in and out of the hospital, chronic illness, and disease plagued me. I was born with a congenital immune deficiency called Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), yet I have long outlived my life expectancy. 

My professional journey into health and wellness started with just wanting to heal myself. It's my desire to share what I have found to be the key to unlock wellness, health, & vitality. It doesn't involve any "special products" or leaving your health practitioner. It is simply a matrix of health producing actions, that I will teach you to do, easily. I have great compassion and understanding for others who are challenged to find the right answers to overcoming health challenges, to find vibrancy, and to feel great! 

My intention is to help others learn how to achieve the best health that they can, despite the circumstances, and to have a greater understanding about their life. I work to educate and inspire you to be inquisitive, a life long learner, and ultimately know how to make healthier choices for yourself (that actually work) so you can have the energy for living.

I have been deeply influenced (and blessed) by my early studies in classical Yoga methods beginning in 1977 (or earlier according to my mother) on the shag rug carpet in my family home, focusing mainly on meditation, metaphysics, and with some asana (postures). My mother, Jacqueline Beauchaine, has been a psychic astrologer since prior to my birth, and was raised in a very open and spiritually educational environment. I balance this with the use of sound scientifically verified information when making recommendations. Through my life long studies of all things metaphysical, I naturally offer spiritual mentorship. I am most inspired by current research in neuroplasticity, quantum medicine/healing, and teachings of Institute of HeartMath®, A.G. Mohan, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Sri Dharma Mittra, S.N. Goenka, & the great sage Patanjali, but have studied with many World renowned teachers and continue my studies with regular retreats. 

Teaching both Yoga and fitness since 1993, I hold several Yoga teaching certifications, and am registered with Yoga Alliance at the "E-500 hour" level as well as a continuing education provider. I have a master of science degree in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College, a bachelor's in Visual Fine Arts from Boise State University, am a Usui & Tibetan Reiki master/teacher since 2005, and a former USA Triathlon certified coach. I've been a long time personal fitness trainer, triathlete, and I am consistently studying, researching, and practicing. I am also a HeartMath® Coach and offer Building Personal Resiliency™ training and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach. 

Prior to my jump into the wellness field, I worked for US West Cellular, in the earliest days of the new "startup" field of cellular phone technology. I still am a huge fan of modern and progressive technology that improves our lives. I am currently studying new technology that will help my clients and practitioners with their meditations and wellness feedback. Stay tuned for information as it's available.  

Always seeking out a positive experience for students, my teaching is spiritual, uplifting, functional, joyful, kind, enriching, and a little bit funny. I am currently teaching vinyasa Yoga classes at Sage Yoga & Wellness in Boise, ID, I offer private & group coaching online, and am available for public presentations.

Beyond our apparent separateness there are nonphysical filaments that connect us in ways that are not limited by space, time, or material barriers. The fact that these linkages are catalyzed by emotional bonds suggest a more empathetic, kinder side of existence that we have recently supposed.
— Larry Dossey, M.D.