I have felt this profoundly at times in my life, not sure where to go, what to do, nearly paralyzed. This also can provide a vantage point for deeper insight and clarity. My mother would give this example of someone at a museum just sitting down on a bench in front of a painting to look at it and take in all the subtle nuances. If we never sat there to observe and inspect, we wouldn't be able to see so much! Being stuck can serve as an opportunity to take a good look at what is going on in your life or situation.

At the same time, this feeling of stuck-ness can also reveal where we are pushing or resisting in life. It can reveal hidden fears and self sabotaging patterns. When we are not plugged in and in our own stream or flow, this stuck-ness can reveal if we are disconnected from our "higher" self or if our priorities are off.

OMG! What to do? For me, I revert to using my feeling sense and go where easy. I know, I KNOW... that doesn't seem very epic taking the easy route! But that's not what I'm necessarily implying. I go with where my heart and spirit are pulled towards. Go where it feels good to exist--to be you and where love flows more freely.

At times in my life staying in the uncomfortable space was the right choice, but I worked on my inner world. This doesn't mean you quit your job or get a divorce (unless it does) but it's about an inner shift in a state of being. If we want the outer world to change, change the inner world first.

When really-really stuck and feeling anxious, perhaps clean the house, clean out a drawer, rearrange the furniture, or go exercise. These all help move energy! And sometimes, give yourself permission to allow a more efficient or effective attitude, action, or solution to arise from within after you have temporarily shelved it. Much like when a solution to something that's been tugging on you suddenly becomes clear when you least expect it, like when you're in the shower. 

Have faith in your capacity and the flow that is still present, even if it's hidden under the stagnant ice.