Heart intelligence isn't just some new age lingo, it actually has a scientific basis and is measurable. As described in the Heart Intelligence book, researches found that the heart shows precognition when the subject is responding to photos that are known to elicit either calm or strong emotions. The heart was measured to have a response before the subject even saw the photo. Almost as interesting, the researches found that the heart picks up information first, then the brain second, still all prior to the subject even seeing the photo. The results suggest that the heart and brain are connected to a source of information that operates outside the classical boundaries of time and space. This would be nonlocal.

An additional study was done in which the participants were paired. This was done to determine if the nonlocal intuitive effect could be amplified by social connection. They found a significantly larger pre-stimulous effect within the pairs of participants. "They have repeatedly demonstrated that the heart's activity appears to be the best physiological indicator of nonlocal information."

Diverse cultures around the world have spoken about the heart as an access point to the wisdom of our soul or a higher source. 

"The practice of building our intuitive connection to our higher capacities is transformational. It enables us to access a source of higher information that streams into our brain and mind via our energetic heart to inform our moment-to-moment perceptions. It provides what we call practical intuition where we are more conscious and intuitive at choice points and thus get to choose our actions and reaction rather than mechanically respond in the same old stress-producing behavior patterns. We see this as the most important function of intuition."