HIGH VIBRATIONS: Nutritional Detox & Re-Boot

Coming SOON!

Four-Six weeks to a healthier you! Learn tools to help you make better choices that bring lasting wellness, energy, and balance. How about a loving nudge to help you be more healthy? Is it time to take inventory of your lifestyle habits? In 4 short weeks, you can start feeling really good. Maybe even lose a few pounds while you are at it. Please join in on this journey that is both science based and spiritually up lifting. Recognize areas that you are getting in your own way, and re-pattern your daily habits to support your personal desires and wishes for your life.

Are you: sluggish, have body pain/stiffness, foggy thinking, hormone imbalance, inflammation, skin issues, degenerative diseases, auto-immune disorders, obesity, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, fatigue, food intolerances, etc.?

You will learn how to lower toxic exposure from both external & internal sources, while at the same time increasing overall vital nutrition—and WHY this is so very important to longevity & wellness. Learn how your gut micro-biome can be central to your overall health, drive your behavior and contribute to unhealthy choices...and how we can outsmart them to over come strong cravings! Take charge of your health, your fluctuating thoughts, learn tools to live more centered and harmoniously.

Please join this evidence based, safe, and effective wellness plan. This is not a fast, it is not a weight loss diet... But a get healthy plan! However, when the body is healthy, a healthy weight will be a side effect. Lower your stress, feel better, and create long term healthy habits. Get off sugar, junk, breads....and increase vegetables and whole foods.

Heal your body from: allergies, headaches, skin conditions, digestive complaints, weight gain, aches/pains, fogginess, and more. Identify foods that make you feel great & foods that don't. The body already has a natural detoxification system and utilizes a cellular pathway called cytochrome P450. These protocols help support this pathway, which is heavily dependent upon high vital nutrients.

NO "special" products to buy. All foods & supplements will be easily found at your local health foods store. A simple high speed blender is helpful and WHOLE food is best.

Did you know? Having a companion with the same goal increases your likelihood of meeting that goal? Grab a friend or family member to get even better results!!! Are you going at this alone? No problem! That is why this GROUP program is effective, will help get you on the right track--and keep you there! Four weeks to a healthier you!

Learn tools to help you make better choices that bring lasting wellness, energy, and balance. 

  • Detoxification Efficiency
  • Science & Evidence Based
  • Gut Microbiome Health
  • Lower Inflammation
  • Vital Whole Food Nutrients
  • Minimize Exposure to Toxins
  • Specific Herbs & Functional Supplements (As needed & easily purchased at your local health food store.)
  • Private Facebook Page
  • Detailed How To's & Why
  • Individual Questions Answered
  • Safe & Effective Guidelines
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Behavior Modification
  • Spiritual/Emotional/Mental Wholeness