HIGH VIBRATIONS: Wellness & Nutritional Re-Set

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Twelve weeks to a healthier you! Learn tools to help you make better choices that bring lasting wellness, energy, and balance. How about a loving nudge to help you be more healthy? Is it time to take inventory of your lifestyle habits? In twelve short weeks you can start feeling really good. Maybe even lose a few pounds while you are at it. Please join in on this journey that is science based, progressive, and spiritually up lifting. Recognize areas that you are getting in your own way, and re-pattern your daily habits to support your personal desires and wishes for your life.

Are you: sluggish, have body pain/stiffness, foggy thinking, stressed out, hormone imbalance, inflammation, skin issues, degenerative diseases, auto-immune disorders, obesity, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, fatigue, food intolerances, etc.?

To get up each morning with the resolve to be happy is to set our own conditions to the events of each day. To do this is to condition circumstances instead of being conditioned by them.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

You will learn how to lower toxic exposure from both external and internal sources, while at the same time increasing overall vital nutrition—and WHY this is so very important to longevity and wellness. Learn how your gut micro-biome can be central to your overall health and actually drive your behavior and contribute to unhealthy choices...and how we can outsmart them to over come strong cravings! Take charge of your health, your fluctuating thoughts, learn tools to live more centered and harmoniously.

  • L!VE on ZOOM Every Wednesday at 6pm MDT + Recorded (weekly)

  • Additional Video + Audio Recording Instructions

  • Q & A’s Weekly

  • PDF’s

  • Info Archived on Member Only Access Website

Please join this evidence based, safe, and effective holistic wellness plan that is founded in both ancient practices and cutting edge science. Even though weight loss is not the principle goal of this program, when the body is healthy, a healthy weight will be a side effect.

Learn how to lower your stress (internal and externally sourced), feel better, and create long term healthy habits. Get off sugar, junk, breads, alcohol....and increase vegetables and whole foods. I’ll teach you the multiple reasons that drive these behaviors, how to alleviate the cravings, and also to address the deeper internal reasons that we all tend to see the cozy comforts of addictive substances—even sugar.

Heal your body from: allergies, headaches, skin conditions, digestive complaints, weight gain, aches/pains, fogginess, and more. Identify foods that make you feel great & foods that don't. The body already has a natural detoxification system and utilizes a cellular pathway called cytochrome P450 in the liver, the gut plays a vital role, as well as in the lymphatic system. These protocols help support these systems, which are heavily dependent upon high vital nutrients and movement.

There are NO required "special" products to buy. All foods & supplements will be easily found at your local health foods store or sourced specifically for you. Any supplements that are recommended are optional. A simple high speed blender is helpful and WHOLE food is always best.

Did you know? Having a companion with the same goal increases your likelihood of meeting that goal? Recruit a friend or family member to get even better results. Are you going at this alone? No problem! That is why this GROUP program is effective, will help get you on the right track--and keep you there!

Make better informed choices that bring lasting wellness, energy, and balance. 

  • Detoxification Efficiency (what to do/not do)

  • Science & Evidence Based

  • Digestive + Gut Microbiome Health

  • Lower Inflammation + Immune System Connection!

  • Weekly L!VE + Recorded ZOOM Videos

  • Vital Whole Food Nutrients

  • Minimize Exposure to Toxins (Food/Air/Water/Products/Internal Toxins/Hidden Junk)

  • Specific Herbs & Functional Supplements

  • Optional Private Facebook Page + Accountability + Support

  • Detailed How To's & Why

  • Individual Questions Answered (privately if requested)

  • Safe & Effective Guidelines

  • Trauma Informed + Sensitive

  • Weekly Meditations + HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience

  • Behavior Modification Skills

  • Spiritual + Emotional Wholeness

  • Progressive

  • Lymphatic Mojo Info + Videos + Instruction

  • Functional Movement & Pranayama (Breath Regulation) Videos + Instruction

  • Optimize Sleep + Why This is Vital

  • Create a Growth Mindset + Evolutionary Consciousness

A clear sense of purpose enables you 2 focus on what matters most, take courageous risks & persevere.
— Margie Warrell, Forbes Magazine


There are plenty of good programs out there…so if you find one you like better, go for it! Yet, I’ve got a mix that might speak to you. It’s where science meets spirit, meets functionality! PLUS…..it works. I’ve taught this course multiple times over the years, worked 1-1 with clients, and when these recommendations are followed (even 80%) people feel better, heal, and naturally lose weight. Also, I hear over and over again how much easier my protocols are (for weight loss) than some big name systems. Why? Because we are addressing what the body NEEDS, taking away what the body doesn’t need, and utilizing the latest in research on what drives behavior and balances the body. Did you know that some gut bacteria, fungus, and (yes!) parasites can and do drive behavior toward eating carbohydrates, sugar, and alcohol? It’s true and the bigger question to ask yourself is this: Who is driving your ship? And if you’re not sure now, that is OK. We will address how to get out of the grips of physical cravings, more easily. I have tips and an approach you most likely won’t learn anywhere else. You just have to want to do it, you’re ready, and we’re a fit.

If you’ve used exercise to manage your stress/mood/weight, or you want to learn more ways to fully care for yourself holistically, this could be it. Also, many of my clients have recovered from all sorts of serious diseases….not all, but a majority. If you do have any health condition, this program is absolutely not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. I ask all my clients (that means you too if you join my group program) to work with your health care provider to ensure this is complementary with all medications and treatments currently in use and planning to use. And honestly, there are only a few supplements that I may recommend that would interfere with some treatments like chemotherapy, and I will asterisk those to be extra careful. I have been working with people with all sorts of serious medical conditions for years and have asked that they take my written protocols to their health care provider to verify the safety for their condition. I often hear back that their providers have told them to not stop these new practices because they are VERY effective. This is a whole food based plan and includes much more than just what you eat.


I’ve taught this course multiple times over the years. This will be the most comprehensive and best one yet—I just feel it in my heart, my bones, and in my soul. Plus, I’m working tirelessly to bring you the very best accessible materials. All the the previous ones were 4-6 weeks long. Guess what? 4 weeks is simply not long enough. In 6 weeks people were just starting to feel better and really getting into the flow of it all. When the program ended, they often just slid back into old ways because the group support system and accountability faded. It takes longer than 6 weeks to relearn habits that have developed over a lifetime. Especially since these are deeply woven into our social programming, emotional, and mental habituation. I want you to learn new healthy ways of living so that you can claim them as your own—because you walked the walk and learned them personally. This is what knowledge really is!

We can not solve our health problems with the same thinking and approach that was used when they were created.
— Unknown


I’ve been working with people for 26 years. This includes: nutrition, exercise, Yoga, meditation, & metphysical spirituality. My own healing journey began in 1985 while getting some phenomenal advice from my doctor at the University of Washington Hospital. I’ll tell you a little more about it later. But I started on this journey for my own health. I’ve researched, tested, and tried all sorts of approaches. I even went back to school to study holistic nutrition for my own sake because the western/allopathic approach to nutrition was falling painfully short for me. This program is not a cookie cutter program, but you will see some common elements. Why? Because it’s based on science and evidence that others have access to. It’s not wholly unique…except perhaps how it is put together, delivered, and how I can hopefully inspire, empower, and guide you. Think of this as your time in the laboratory into your own inner landscape of whole health and total wellness. Are you willing to try things that are different so that you can get a different result? This is the key. Hey, if what you’re doing works for you, ROCK ON! But honestly, you probably wouldn’t be here checking this out. My clients who follow these protocols, even 80%, see very positive results in their health.

You can change your behavior for short periods of time, but if you don’t change how you see yourself and the meaning of your existence, those habits won’t last. Wellness is more than just the foods you eat, the exercises you do, but it’s your outlook and the meaning you hold in your heart.


  • Whole Food Based

  • Honoring Biochemical Individuality

  • Paleo/Ancestral

  • Ketogenic Friendly (don’t panic, it’s not required + you’ll learn more)

  • Vegetarian’s Can Benefit (Food Elimination Won’t Include All Lectins/Legumes)

  • Time Restricted/Intermittent Fasting (don’t panic, it’s not required + you’ll learn more)

  • Flexible + Friendly Approach

  • Avoid Pitfalls

  • Science + Evidence Based

  • Mindful + Spiritually Holistic

  • Growth Mindset

  • Evolutionary Consciousness Driven

  • Transformational

  • Progressive

Motivation is not something you want to wait for because she is fickle, fleeting, and unreliable.
— Lori Tindall