Energy Seven School of Reiki & Prana Chikitsa provides a comprehensive training program designed to teach you to be a conduit of source field energy first for yourself, then for your friends, family, and potentially for your community if you choose to go on beyond Level 1. Master/ART prepares you to teach, inspire, lead, and practice Reiki & Prana Chikitsa on a professional level. It will provide an opportunity of a lifetime to deepen your spiritual practice, transform your health, and give you the tools necessary to create a profound impact on the people around you. It is customized for a select group of 7 students who will grow together as a community as they commit to a process of deep transformation, spiritual unfoldment, and professional development.

The foundation of energetic healing is an ancient practice that shows up world wide throughout history. Reiki itself is a holistic energetic healing modality that works within the subtle energy body. Supporting & lighting the inner consciousness present and alive in each of us, it is also a relaxation therapy that focuses on the root cause of conditions rather than merely on the symptoms. Because Reiki engages many levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual--it balances the body's energies and brings them into equilibrium. 

Reiki is not attached to any religion or belief system; it is the universal life-force energy that already exists within everyone and everything to some degree. An attunement or treatment, amplifies your already existing Reiki and opens your energetic pathways to allow a clearer, stronger flow of energy for healing and spiritual purposes. 

Generally thought to be a Buddhist offspring of Qigong, with Shintoist influences, Reiki can be traced back to ancient Tibetan and Tantric practices/influences, often called Prana Chikitsa. Shaktipat may more correctly be used to describe the attunement process and the transfer of knowledge psychically, where Prana Chikitsa is the energy healing treatment itself. Reiki was rediscovered at the end of the 19th century by Mikao Usui. 

Energy (ki, qi, chi, prana) is the life force that resides in all of us. Rei is Universal or spiritual. Rei means: holy, spirit, mystery, gift, nature spirit, invisible spirit, universal, spiritual. Ki means energy or life force.

Prana Chikitsa is energy healing with roots in often hidden and mysterious yoga methods. Enjoy energy balancing or prana healing in the tradition of Usui, Tibetan, and Yoga influences. Bring balance to your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychic bodies by recharging your energies & experience higher, more clear vibrations.

Pranachikitsa means prana therapy, a known healing method like Reiki, that has existed in the yoga tradition for millenniums. This course extends beyond Usui's teachings and encompasses timeless teachings. Anyone who desires can learn Reiki. 

The benefits include:

  • Awaken to the universal life force.
  • Become more empowered with your own wellness.
  • Attuning to both inner and outer worlds.
  • Become a conduit of source energy for family, friends, and community.
  • Strengthen your spiritual connection and growth.
  • Increase your intuitive and psychic/6th sense awareness.
  • Promote communication by cultivating a deeper energetic awareness.
  • Learn how to listen and connect to people through touch and in level 2 across space and time.

Reiki is traditionally taught at three levels: Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III & Master/Teacher. After completing Reiki I, you will intrinsically know when you're ready to go on to the next level. Course is held in my home, on the East end of Boise, ID, and the address will be emailed to you upon registration.

Monday July 30, 2018

The Reiki 1 (Shoden)  workshop introduces one to basic principles and techniques and assumes that you have no prior knowledge or experience. Reiki 1 invites us to connect with the energy on a physical level so that we can learn the feel and tangible interaction. Connect with Reiki on a physical and psychic level so that you can "plug into" the universal source energy or the field. Here one learns to give Reiki with one's hands and to conduct energy through the third eye or hands to people, things, spaces, or beings in our physical presence.

The process includes a psychic cleansing and clears pathways for a stronger channeling of universal life force energy and an increase in psychic and spiritual awareness. Level 1 allows us to treat: self, others, & animals on a voluntary basis, without charging any fees. 

Requirements for Reiki & Prana Chikitsa Level 1 Certification
You are required to give and receive at least three treatments following your attunement. Usually, these are completed as trades with other Reiki students and are arranged during the workshop, or with friends and family. It is important to practice giving Reiki sessions and to experience receiving treatments from other people, as well as daily self treatments.

Monday August 13, 2018

Okuden means inner teachings, and this course moves deeper into the energy or field--beyond space and time. It further prepares you to give treatments to others, possibly in a professional capacity. Three symbols are taught and we connect with healing beyond space and time as we know it. Deeper meditations and a broader experience of the energetic field is presented.

  • Distance healing beyond space & time which can also include early life, other lives (past/parallel), ancestral, and other.
  • Working with animals.
  • Working in a professional manner, and complete session skills.
  • Connect with your intuitive self and spiritual guides.
  • Introduction to other healing techniques in working with the auric field and beyond. 

Requirements for Reiki & Prana Chikitsa Level 2 Certification
Level 1 certification is a pre-requisite. If you have studied this elsewhere, please drop me a note to verify you will be sufficiently prepared for level 2 as these courses are not standardized. It is important to practice everyday and making connections through experience.


Six months of deeper study and connection to the energetic forces of nature and beyond. We will explore a multitude of practices that go beyond Reiki. We will dive more deeply into the energetic aspects within the traditions of Yoga which include the koshas, vayus, nadis, marma points, chakras, and more contemporary understanding of the "aura" and spirit. I will also teach some aspects from my trainings with the Heartmath® Institute, which dovetails perfectly to better understand the mystical properties from a scientific framework.

The mastery of this course is the ability to have a better understanding and management of our own energetic forces, and through these eyes can you only then see the outer world more clearly. 

A detailed manual is included and course curriculum includes, but is not limited to:

  • Meditation - Deeper and more engaged meditations that cultivate focus and mental clarity.
  • Advanced Reiki Meditation - This is a Yantra like meditation that makes use of the Reiki symbols. It develops mental clarity, expands consciousness, improves ones ability to visualize and creates inner peace.
  • The Reiki Crystal Grid - Creation of a Reiki grid allows you to send Reiki continuously to yourself, your goals and to many other people at the same time. It can also be used to promote world peace.
  • Aura Clearing - Also called psychic clearing, this technique allows you to quickly clear negative thought forms and negative emotional energy from a client's aura or physical body. It is an effective technique that has helped heal both physical illness as well as emotional and spiritual issues.
  • The Reiki Symbols - A clear explanation of each of the Usui and Tibetan symbols is given. The metaphysics behind their effectiveness as well as how to correctly draw and activate them is also explained. (The symbols are included in the manual.)
  • Violet Breath -This techniques origininated with Raku Kei and is part of the Usui/Tibetan attunement process and can also be used for healing. Illustrated instructions show exactly how to do it.
  • Healing Attunement - This attunement uses the same high frequency energies as the initiations, but does not initiate the person into the use of Reiki. Instead, it directs the energy for healing. This is an additional healing technique that can quickly release blocks and heal on a very deep level.
  • Attunements - Detailed, step by step instruction on how to give all the Reiki attunements for both Usui and Usui/Tibetan styles. Included are Reiki I, II, ART, Master.
  • Teaching Guidelines - Prepare to teach or lead clients more effectively.
  • Energetic Boundaries & Ethics - The foundational work that must precede all efforts and be maintained with intention. I will teach you to stay energetically healthy and how to manage difficult cases that may arise.  

Course requirements: Approved level 1-2 training, mindful & ethical living, assigned readings, assigned journaling & short essays, practicum, video conference call to follow up and answer any questions, and full attendance. Some accommodations will be made for illness or unavoidable circumstances.