Tuesday 5:30-7pm (1/2)
Saturday 9-10:30am (2/3)

Please see Sage Yoga & Wellness website for the most current schedule. 

A deeper practice for the modern mystical Yogi. Moving within your own forces of nature and the cosmos, my liberating vinyasa based practice will ignite alignment with your highest (S)elf and the sacred within.

Revitalize the flow of prana through your central channels, refine the subtle body, and co-create within the holographic nature of the mind-body matrix and the pulse of the Universe. Light hearted yet reverent, I offer a contemporary and eclectic vinyasa practice infused with World beats, blessed silence, mantra, pranayama, and meditation.

A seamless and progressive format that includes the often left out practices of Yoga. Postures are modified for various abilities while honoring the contemporary science of bio-mechanics and student intuition. 

Mixed Level (1/2) Class: A contemporary and eclectic practice that uses a dynamic system of linking breath to movement. It builds internal heat, muscle endurance, flexibility, functional strength, & concentration. Sequences are often built around sun salutations, and richly infused with classical Yoga teachings, pranayama, and meditation to tame the mind and open the heart. Postures are routinely modified for different abilities while honoring the contemporary science of body mechanics.

Intermediate Level (2/3) Class: Similar to the mixed level class with further exploration of classical Yogic teachings, and refinement of the physical practices. Suitable for intermediate students with a solid foundation of sun salutations and basic standing postures. Emphasizing mindfulness while working on intermediate postures (back bends, arm balances, inversions), mantras, pranayama, & meditation. Deepen your practice by connecting your physical, energetic, & spiritual body. (not suitable for beginners)

*** Please use fragrance-free personal care items & stay home if you have a cold or other illness.

Classes are held at Sage Yoga & Wellness in downtown.
242 N 8th St, Suite 200, Boise, ID 83702

Yoga without the Yamas is like spaghetti without the sauce.
— Sri Dharma Mittra
Yoga is especially necessary at this point in time, when life appears confusing and filled with tension, stress and distractions. It helps one to slow down in life and re-align oneself with the harmony of the universe and find peace within. It will help diminish cravings and bad habits, and bring you a disease-free body, a balanced mind, radiant health and long life. Yoga brings very special results. It is the door-opener to intuitive knowledge and eternal bliss.
— Yogi Gupta