What is resilience, coherence, and how can building this be beneficial?

Our ability to manage our emotions, not just suppress them, but to enable them to transform into higher quality of feelings and perceptions, is absolutely needed for the evolution of individual and collective human consciousness. Be an agent of personal, spiritual, and social transformation.

A follow-up video in response to the question: How do you determine what is heart intuition?


One-to-one personalize consultations with me as your guide, coach, mentor, and teacher. Focus on total wellness, holistic nutrition, meditation, Yoga philosophy & lifestyle, metaphysical spirituality, energy therapy, & the whole you.

Overall wellness hinges on a dynamic balance of web-like interconnections. The human body is a fully interconnected organism, nothing working in isolation, and all parts affect each other. Chronic health problems are rooted in: inadequate nutrition, detoxification inefficiency due to lack of high vital nutrients, & mental/emotional/spiritual factors.


A deeper practice for the modern mystical Yogi. Moving within your own forces of nature and the cosmos, my liberating vinyasa based practice will ignite alignment with your highest (S)elf and the sacred within.

Revitalize the flow of prana through your central channels, refine the subtle body, and co-create within the holographic nature of the mind-body matrix and the pulse of the Universe. Light hearted yet reverent, I offer a contemporary and eclectic vinyasa practice infused with World beats, blessed silence, mantra, pranayama, and meditation.

Meditation gives us the ability to sift through and sort the habituated and conditioned constructs of the mind and to rewrite the programs we are running. It also gives us access to our deepest and truest nature—our eternal self.
— Lori Tindall